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Post  Aikawa on Tue May 11, 2010 6:57 pm

Hi, first let me introduce myself.
Im Justin, a wangan player from Malaysia.
Sorry for the late intrude to this forum because i had no idea there IS a forum for Teams In Australia, Im currently the Leader for Team LOL Malaysia , just for an update because i had the permission to form this team from Azza, [I just hope he remembers it]

In the other hand, let me show the updates that i have in Team LOL Malaysia.

Team LOL
Let Us Laugh And Win
Official Members Listed:
LOL.A [Aikawa] (Founder/Leader)
LOL.B [Kenneth]
LOL.D [David]
LOL.E [Edmund]
LOL.F [Kido]
LOL.G [Wei Siang's Friend]
LOL.I [Ian]
LOL.J [Jack]
LOL.K [Jason]
LOL.L [Lim Wei Siang]
LOL.M [Brandon]
LOL.N [Small Nas]
LOL.O [Jevin]
LOL.P [Big Nas]
LOL.Q [Leonard]
LOL.R [Ron]
LOL.S [Roy]
LOL.T [Chris]
LOL.U [Max]
LOL.V [V Sheng]
LOL.W [Wayne]
LOL.X [Zim]
LOL.Y [Ben]
LOL.Z [Anthony]

Team LOL is actually a team for groups of people to have fun and learn. Instead of learning how to win in a game, we learn more then just only gaming techniques. You will learn how to cope with all kinds of people and have fun together. People have all kinds of attitude, sometimes when you join a team you will have people you can easily be together with and people you won’t like at all. But I strongly believe that no matter how stubborn a people is, they will change if someone guide them to the right point, believe me in this world you will meet all kind of people with a even fucked up attitude. I believe that we could enchant patience of all the teammates, because it only will benefit them when they step out to their own working society. Team LOL “Let Us Laugh And Learn” “Laughter is the Best Cure”


Rules And Regulation
1) Don’t ever pick a fight among teammates, If you ever have a problem, talk to the leader or settle with the teammate with a friendly method. [LIKE SAYING SORRY]

2) Always be friendly, assist those who NEEDED help.

3) Try not to be rude, minimize the vulgar.

4) Keep the image of the team, don’t LC other teams to cause trouble.

5) Don’t ever use the team’s name and cause trouble.

6) If you need someone to help you, please voice up [Or else we won’t know what you want.]

7) Our team is mainly for FUN, so please try not to push too much on teammates. [Unless they’re the ones who wants to be pushed, to be a PRO]

Cool The Team Card is on your own responsibility, if you lost it, buy it again. [Try not to lose it]

[Will be updated If there is anymore]

Sorry if i came late, and do update me anything if possible. I will be active in this forum onwards Smile


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