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Post  Cloud Strife on Sun May 03, 2009 7:28 pm

Win First Ghost coin: Mow'em Down
Defeat Ghost by less than 1m: First Win
Defeat Crown Ghost: [Course]'s Warrior
Take all SEVEN crowns: Fastest In The Metro Highway

Challenge same ghost 5x in a row: Lalabi Lalabi With...
Challenge same ghost 10x in a row: Shooting Striker
Play same course 10x in a row: Love the Spot

Dress Level 5: Show off
Dress Level 10: Good looking
Dress Level 15: Dress up machine
Dress Level 20: Good Atmosphere
Dress Level 25: Cool car
Dress Level 30: My lovable car
Dress Level 35: Nice body
Dress Level 40: Good atmosphere
Dress Level 45: Wild taste
Dress Level 46: The best looking car
Dress Level 50: Appearance is also important
Dress level 100: Appearance is important
Dress level 150: Appearance is Everything
Dress level 200: Custom Car
Dress level 250: Golden rule of appearance
Dress level 300: Make up battle make up
Dressup level 1000: Style Up

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