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Post  Cloud Strife on Sun May 03, 2009 7:25 pm

Story Mode Titles

First Loop

Stage 5: Beginner racer
Stage 10: Mid-level racer
Stage 15: Wangan Racer
Stage 20: Once in a Lifetime Night
Stage 30: The Fastest Genes
Stage 40: Chase Impossible Dreams
Stage 50: Living Headstrong
Stage 60: The One and Only
Stage 70: Perfect Tuning Ideals
Stage 80: Howling exhaust
Stage 85: Racing Etched on the Heart
Stage 90: Inherited Ideology
Stage 100: Stood in the Entrance

Odd Numbered Loop (1xx, 3xx, 5xx, 7xx, etc)

Stage 1: Local Tuner
Stage 2: Boast of Top Speed
Stage 3: Cool Beauty
Stage 4: Reliable Older Brother
Stage 5: Cohesiveness
Stage 6: One Life, One Car
Stage 7: Private
Stage 8: Spirit of a True Artisan
Stage 9: Racing Gang
Stage 10: Grand Finale
Stage 11: Car > Family
Stage 12: I was a bully in the Past
Stage 13: Got Confidence
Stage 14: Passenger Side
Stage 15: Real Team
Stage 16: Like a Gigolo
Stage 17: Date at Odaiba
Stage 18: Its Stress!
Stage 19: Ultimate Combo!
Stage 20: Desert the Team
Stage 21: Racing Gene
Stage 22: Step on it!
Stage 23: Roppongi Ruler
Stage 24: Good Model
Stage 25: High Pride
Stage 26: Super Celsior
Stage 27: Over-the-hull Runners
Stage 28: Adjusting Settings
Stage 29: Taking Lessons
Stage 30: Legendary Racer
Stage 31: Great Actor
Stage 32: Outer Limit
Stage 33: Super Jet
Stage 34: Dandy Yamamoto Speed
Stage 35: Floor It
Stage 36: R200 Club
Stage 37: Regret
Stage 38: Kitami Tune
Stage 39: Ground Fighter
Stage 40: Keep On Running
Stage 41: Go To Osaka
Stage 42: Hanshin Line's Fastest Runner
Stage 43: Successful Intercept
Stage 44: Rally 4wd
Stage 45: High Motivation
Stage 46: Imperial
Stage 47: How Come?
Stage 48: Winner's Side
Stage 49: Enemy Lock-On
Stage 50: Osaka Driver
Stage 51: Drive Go Go
Stage 52: No air condition
Stage 53: ACE Demo Car
Stage 54: Morning Racer
Stage 55: Racer of the Hill
Stage 56: Aristocratic Bachelor
Stage 57: Clutch Player
Stage 58: Setting Maniac
Stage 59: FC' Phantom
Stage 60: One Shot OK
Stage 61: FF Fan
Stage 62: R Slayer
Stage 63: R Special
Stage 64: ACE Pride
Stage 65: Exquisite Balance
Stage 66: Hidden Capacity
Stage 67: Come On!
Stage 68: Mutual Infatuation
Stage 69: Beautiful Traction
Stage 70: Beginning a Life Alone
Stage 71: Readers Model
Stage 72: Wangan Queen
Stage 73: Rich Guy
Stage 74: Flying Car
Stage 75: Comfortable
Stage 76: 1000HP
Stage 77: Springtime of Life
Stage 78: Behind The Wall
Stage 79: Can't Hide The Beating Heart
Stage 80: Nighttime Formation Flight
Stage 81: Insatiable Thirst
Stage 82: Budget for a Fast Car
Stage 83: Those Captivated By The Devil
Stage 84: Running With My Life
Stage 85: Fast, If Only for An Instant
Stage 86: A6M Zero
Stage 87: Double-Edged Sword
Stage 88: Idealistic Running
Stage 89: So If You Can Know How To Drive
Stage 90: Restaurant
Stage 91: Former Editor
Stage 92: Triumphant Homecoming
Stage 93: Car Called Extraordinary
Stage 94: Warp Sensation
Stage 95: Racing In Another Dimension
Stage 96: Aim High
Stage 97: Weak And Strong
Stage 98: Running With No Blind Spots
Stage 99: Seeing The Fastest Line
Stage 100: Looking Back, Becomes a Road

Even Numbered Loop (2xx, 4xx, 6xx, 8xx, etc)

Stage 1: My Face Says I Know it All
Stage 2: Body and Soul One Machine
Stage 3: Queen Character
Stage 4: Pragmatist
Stage 5: Sweltering
Stage 6: I'll Bet On This Car
Stage 7: Better Than A Pro
Stage 8: Unbending Faith
Stage 9: Passing the Art from Father to Son
Stage 10: ALL STARS
Stage 11: Flat Out
Stage 12: No Talent
Stage 13: Can You Catch Up?
Stage 14: Real Dragon
Stage 15: Speed Craze
Stage 16: Wangan Special
Stage 17: Faster than Anyone
Stage 18: The Best Finish
Stage 19: Battle Setting
Stage 20: Cool Runner
Stage 21: Always 800 HP
Stage 22: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
Stage 23: Dundee
Stage 24: Cute
Stage 25: Next Time I'll Strike
Stage 26: Fastest VIP
Stage 27: Sonic Delivery Car
Stage 28: Perfect Setting
Stage 29: Wangan Legend
Stage 30: Clever
Stage 31: Stud Muffin
Stage 32: Accelerate!!
Stage 33: Nice One
Stage 34: middle age man
Stage 35: R200 leader
Stage 36: Probe Boost Up
Stage 37: Jealousy
Stage 38: Turbo is Boost
Stage 39: Truly the Fastest Machine!
Stage 40: Pro tuner
Stage 41: 200kmh Cruiser
Stage 42: Naniwa Soul
Stage 43: Hanshin Circular Greatest
Stage 44: Maximum traction
Stage 45: Greatest Sound
Stage 46: Fantastic!
Stage 47: How is it?
Stage 48: RGO Seller
Stage 49: Yo bro! Good stuff!
Stage 50: Expert
Stage 51: FC's Zero
Stage 52: Big Mouth
Stage 53: Full Boost
Stage 54: Gotenba tuned
Stage 55: The Real Ones
Stage 56: One Night Method
Stage 57: Soul's Traction
Stage 58: It's Up To You
Stage 59: Miracle Run
Stage 60: MetroLine's Fastest Driver
Stage 61: R Killer
Stage 62: Ready to Fight
Stage 63: Attractive Drive
Stage 64: Well Done
Stage 65: Purposely
Stage 66: Fighter
Stage 67: Danger Zone
Stage 68: Real Feeling
Stage 69: Ready to Intercept
Stage 70: Duel Ends Instantly
Stage 71: Soul Beating Sound
Stage 72: Sympathy
Stage 73: I won't Die
Stage 74: Two Sides of the Same Coin
Stage 75: Old Buddy
Stage 76: Good Looking
Stage 77: Real Traction
Stage 78: Driving Tension
Stage 79: Hidden Essence
Stage 80: F1 Setting
Stage 81: Bottomless Desire
Stage 82: Passenger's Machine
Stage 83: Through racing, Life's meaning
Stage 84: Living Legend
Stage 85: What do you get? What do you lose?
Stage 86: Immeasurably Powerful Fighter
Stage 87: Differing friends
Stage 88: The Final Race
Stage 89: A Car that Crosses the Line
Stage 90: There are no replays in life
Stage 91: The Pen's Mightier than the Sword
Stage 92: American training
Stage 93: Belligerent Style
Stage 94: Hot Rod Made at the Shop
Stage 95: Overwhelming Presence
Stage 96: No Speed, Easy to Drive
Stage 97: Knowing by Race
Stage 98: Aim for the Peak
Stage 99: Just Ordinary Racing Now
Stage 100: The Circumstances of Driving

FAIL Story Loop Titles

Odd Numbered Loop (1xx, 3xx, 5xx, 7xx, etc)

Fail stage 5: So Tiring!
Fail stage 9: Work Remembered by Watching
Fail stage 18: Absurd Theory
Fail stage 74: Worlds Best, Visuals
Fail stage 82: Y 10,000,000
Fail stage 83: High Adult
Fail stage 90: Father
Fail stage 91: Its Initial N!
Fail stage 92: Reimportation From America
Fail stage 93: Bumping into Your Rival
Fail stage 94: A Car that Makes Time Fly
Fail stage 98: My Special
Fail Stage 100: Terror!Poser★Runners

Even Numbered Loop (2xx, 4xx, 6xx, 8xx, etc)

Fail Stage 4: Jetfighter Mania
Fail Stage 10: Namco Museum
Fail Stage 11: No Driving?
Fail Stage 23: Un Cool
Fail Stage 37: Insulting Driver
Fail Stage 44: Daredevil
Fail Stage 60: Can Push Harder
Fail Stage 77: Hope
Fail Stage 90: Life reset button
Fail Stage 91: Swords Hurt More Than Pens

Finish Stage 200: Looking Back, Becomes a Road
Finish Stage 300: You'll Keep Driving
Finish Stage 400: You can no longer Retreat
Finish Stage 500: Will Not Draw Back
Finish Stage 800: Running Called The Real Thing
Finish Stage 900: I am Serious
Finish Stage 1300: Unrelenting
Finish Stage 4100: No Answer

Finish Loop X: Congratulations! X00 Stories!

5 Wins in a row: 5 Wins Quick Learner
10 Wins in a row: 10 Wins Quick Learner
20 Wins in a row: 20 Wins Quick Learner
30 Wins in a row: 30 Wins Quick Learner
50 Wins in a row: 50 Wins Quick Learner
80 Wins in a row: 80 Wins Quick Learner
100 Wins in a row: 100 Wins Pure Talent
200 Wins in a row: 200 Wins Pure Talent

Play and Win Stage 4 first: I Love Hakone
First Black Mark: First loss is after stage 40
Complete Story Mode without loosing: Undefeated Highway Dominator
Complete Story Mode without loosing in Corolla: Fastest Other Car
Complete Story Mode without loosing in R2: Fastest Ladybug
Complete Story Mode without loosing in HiAce: The Wolf of the Station
Complete Story Mode wtihout loosing in Taxi: Master Taxi

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